Callboys #02 - Fonda

Callboys #02 - Fonda To Jay's predictable displeasure, Devon arranges a meeting with saleswomen Fonda and Wendy, who run a firm called Maverick, specialized in personalized sex toys. The women visit the Callboys in their man cave-turned-office to get them to buy their products. Wes watches in awe as pretty Fonda effortlessly wraps the other Callboys around her finger. When the meeting is over, Devon and Jay are left wanting hundreds of dildos, and Wesley is left wanting Fonda. Once Devon and Jay have made the plaster moulds of their penises using their morning erections, Randy heads down to Maverick. Wes tags along, officially to drop off the packages, unofficially to ask Fonda out. In the lobby, Wes has a run-in with Kjetl Benson, CEO of Fuckarmy: the two men take an immediate dislike to each other. While handing over the moulds to Wendy, Randy asks if he, too, can make a dildo of his own, to which Wes agrees. Wes confesses his feelings to Fonda, but she is not interested in investing in a person she has to share with clients. Wes boasts that he could quit any day, and, both in a bid to impress Fonda and to improvise a plan B, orders 1,500 dildos: 300 for Randy, and 600 for Jay and Devon each. Three gigolos set up shop together as the Callboys. They form the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous company. What the Callboys lack in wit, they make up for in testosterone, making things harder rather than simpler. They start to fancy themselves as businessmen. Once they decide to start selling their own personalised dildos, their fate is sealed. Trois gigolos s'associent et montent une affaire. Ils seront les Callboys, au service de femmes en quête de compagnie galante. Leur balourdise est compensée par une bonne dose de testostérone, mais cela ne suffit pas toujours. Leur sort est scellé lorsqu'ils commencent à se considérer comme des hommes d'affaires et qu'ils décident de vendre leurs propres godemichets personnalisés.
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