Brothers united (strikers) - episod #02 - Management

Brothers united (strikers) - episod #02 - Management Leo Moerman and the president of KRC Genk reminisce about Leo's father Alois Moerman, who won the national cup in 1982 with the football club. He would be proud of his grandson Dennis, now that he is offered a contract to play in premier league. But his mother, Frieda, is worried about the contract. She thinks it's about time to hire a manager for Dennis, but Leo won't hear any of it. He's not interested when a player manager offers his services spontaneously. He's convinced the man is only after money. Leo thinks about cutting down his hours at the park services to become a full time manager for Dennis, but that soon leads to tension at home. While Dennis is making it out on the field, Alan has to try and find a new job, even though he's not really eager to find one. He still only cares about becoming a professional football player. To him, nothing else matters. Une série sur le passage à l'âge adulte, sur la relation forte entre deux frères qui poursuivent le même rêve dans le monde du football qui consacrera l'un au détriment de l'autre. Dennis et Alan découvriront que le succès a toujours un prix et n'auront d'autre choix que d'affronter leur propre destin. Two brothers, one shared dream - that of becoming a professional football player. When one of both is selected to play for a top football club, he discovers the glamourous yet deceitful world of top class football. The other brother's football dream is shattered, however, and he has no choice but to find another way to make something of his life. And one thing is certain: both they and their family will find out that there's a price to be paid for success. Will their love for each other turn out to be stronger than the call of money and fame? Brothers United is a coming of age story about brotherly love, about success and failure, about growing up and the choices you make.
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