Brothers united (strikers) - episod #07 - Over de streep

Brothers united (strikers) - episod #07 - Over de streep Nina takes Alan to the emergency room; it doesn't look too good for him. Leo and Frieda have rekindled their love now that they can get a piece of the pie of their Dennis' success. Dennis can't believe Miss Belgium Caro Van Winckel gave him her number at the Golden Shoe ceremony. Roel thinks it's high time Dennis started acting like a premier league player. That includes women. Dennis buys a new car, and not some last year's model… Frieda isn't pleased with this. During a photo shoot, Dennis has a hard time keeping it together in front of Miss Belgium. Une série sur le passage à l'âge adulte, sur la relation forte entre deux frères qui poursuivent le même rêve dans le monde du football qui consacrera l'un au détriment de l'autre. Dennis et Alan découvriront que le succès a toujours un prix et n'auront d'autre choix que d'affronter leur propre destin. Two brothers, one shared dream - that of becoming a professional football player. When one of both is selected to play for a top football club, he discovers the glamourous yet deceitful world of top class football. The other brother's football dream is shattered, however, and he has no choice but to find another way to make something of his life. And one thing is certain: both they and their family will find out that there's a price to be paid for success. Will their love for each other turn out to be stronger than the call of money and fame? Brothers United is a coming of age story about brotherly love, about success and failure, about growing up and the choices you make.
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