Callboys #05 - I've got the callboys in my house

Callboys #05 - I've got the callboys in my house Two weeks have passed with not one dildo sold. Meanwhile, bookkeeper Anthony starts getting angry calls from a shop called Fly Eye: struggling shopkeeper Mike wants compensation for a drone Jay has damaged during the filming of The sum of parts. When he arrives at the office, Anthony learns that Wes is in bed at his grandmothers' and Jay has badgered Devon and Randy to accept his leadership. He has stopped all escorting service until they figure out how to sell the dildos, and has invested most of the financial reserves of the Callboys in The sum of parts. Anthony decides that it's time to see Fuckarmy, and forces Wes to tag along. CEO Kjetl Benson, bored, coked up and still annoyed with Wes, welcomes the Callboys and promptly starts setting them up against each other. He shows interest in buying all of Devon's dildos, some of Randy's, and none of Jay's. Manager Wes replies that it's all or nothing. So the Callboys leave, torn apart and empty-handed - not counting the 1499 dildos still on their hands. Three gigolos set up shop together as the Callboys. They form the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous company. What the Callboys lack in wit, they make up for in testosterone, making things harder rather than simpler. They start to fancy themselves as businessmen. Once they decide to start selling their own personalised dildos, their fate is sealed. Trois gigolos s'associent et montent une affaire. Ils seront les Callboys, au service de femmes en quête de compagnie galante. Leur balourdise est compensée par une bonne dose de testostérone, mais cela ne suffit pas toujours. Leur sort est scellé lorsqu'ils commencent à se considérer comme des hommes d'affaires et qu'ils décident de vendre leurs propres godemichets personnalisés.
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