Callboys #04 - The curse!!

Callboys #04 - The curse!! Now that Wes has quit his horizontal livelihood, Fonda keeps her promise and has dinner with her suitor. It doesn't take her long to establish that Wes is not only intolerably immature, but also has no idea how to get rid of the dildos that will arrive in two weeks. She advises him to try and sell the dildos through Fuckarmy, but Wes refuses due to his personal dislike for Kjetl Benson. As it dawns on him that Fonda is not interested in him romantically, he sinks into a depression. As always in times of trouble, Wes takes refuge in his grandmother's bed. Meanwhile, Randy is serving clients, and Jay has stealthily claimed creative leadership of the Callboys. His plan is to make a viral web film for the dildos, directed by their webmaster Sigi, with lots of shots of him riding a motorcycle. When the dildos arrive, Wes decides it's time to man up and show his face again. Overjoyed, the Callboys screen the fruit of their efforts to their former manager: a web film called The sum of parts. After sitting through 15 minutes of Jay riding a motorcycle, Devon fighting with wolves, and Randy in a Scottish kilt, Wes takes another hard look at the unopened boxes with 1,500 dildos, and faints. Leaderless once more, the Callboys try to contact Sigi to put the new website online - only to find out that he's fled to Spain, and has taken along one of Devon's dildos. Three gigolos set up shop together as the Callboys. They form the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous company. What the Callboys lack in wit, they make up for in testosterone, making things harder rather than simpler. They start to fancy themselves as businessmen. Once they decide to start selling their own personalised dildos, their fate is sealed. Trois gigolos s'associent et montent une affaire. Ils seront les Callboys, au service de femmes en quête de compagnie galante. Leur balourdise est compensée par une bonne dose de testostérone, mais cela ne suffit pas toujours. Leur sort est scellé lorsqu'ils commencent à se considérer comme des hommes d'affaires et qu'ils décident de vendre leurs propres godemichets personnalisés.
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